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    Commercial Real Estate

    Digitize Your
    Asset Portfolio.

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    Solstrata puts comprehensive & accurate site survey data at your finger tips to drive efficiency and ROI.

    Virtual Due Diligence Icon Virtual Due Diligence
    Allow potential tennants and other stake holders to virtually tour a site via immersive digital imagery and 3D models.
    Intelligent Space Planning Icon Intelligent Space Planning
    A digital twin provides valuable insights for tenants, owners, & design teams as a design reference tool & representation of existing conditions.
    Verifiable Area Measurements Icon Verifiable Area Measurements
    The hyper accurate nature of the acquired data gives a precise digital duplicate of the space, ensuring trust and transparency.
    Evolving As-Built Icon Evolving As-Built
    Capture the exact state of a building at a single moment in time during contruction or before a tenant moves in for accurate condition reporting.

    Provide Virtual Access and Tours

    Allow potential tenants, sub contractors, maintenance personnel etc. to virtually explore your building with no coordination or travel.

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    Accurate As-Is Documentation

    Our data capture is robust and highly accurate, providing transparency and clarity for all parties in the real estate life cycle.

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    Document Construction Milestones

    Data can be acquired at major construction milestones to capture a robust as-built model for quality control and as reference tool for future repairs.

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