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    Measurement Example
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    @all Can we get someone out here to check on this unit? It is making a rattling sound.
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    @efitzgerald Yes, we are checking maintenance logs now.
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    How it Works

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    We scan

    Our team creates a digital scan of your site using state-of-the-art LiDAR and 360 degree panoramic photography.

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    We upload

    We process the scan data and upload a comprehensive digital twin to your Solstrata account within 48 hours of the scan.

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    You win

    Begin interacting with the digital replica of your site. Measure, explore, & embed rich content to better manage your spaces.

    Digitized Interior

    Digitize your assets to
    produce immediate ROI.

    POI Sample



    Virtually Explore Your Asset

    Our web-based platform allows you and the users you choose to virtually explore and walk through every corner of your sight, providing valuable insights before any need to arrive on site.

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    Take Accurate Measurements

    A highly accurate 3D point cloud model underneath all the high-resolution imagery means that measurements can be taken of any location on site at any time.

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    Categorize Assets with Points of Interest

    Icon-based points of interest can be embedded in the site and catagorized to document and organize information about a particular site.

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    Track Discussions & Upload Files to Points of Interest

    Use points of interest to track discussions and manage files that are pertinent to particular POIs.

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    Interior Photo

    Save Time.
    Work More Efficiently.
    Gain Valuable Insights.

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