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Robust 3D Models of Real World Spaces

We leverage state of the art hardware and proprietary software to provide our customers with invaluable insights to better understand and manage their facilities.



Indoor mobile mapping systems create robust 3D models of interior spaces using LiDAR technology coupled with high-density networks of 360 degree panoramic photography. These models can be explored, measured, and embedded with other pertinent site data.

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We capture aerial data with drones or fixed-winged manned aircraft to create insightful data products for our customers. Aerial acquisition is non-invasive, fast, and affordable while providing powerful insights for our customers.

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Spatial Documentation

Legacy spaces often times do not have accurate 3D models or even architectural drawings. We can quickly and efficiently produce explorable and quantifiable models that design teams can use to inform their designs.

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Physical Security Validation

A robust understanding of precise site geometry allows us to gain valuable physical security inferences. Networks of detection devices like cameras and radars can be analyzed for coverage and blind spots. Line of sight studies can also be performed to assess active shooter threats

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Solstrata is a solutions provider. That means that everybody on our team, regardless of position or tenure, is a professional problem solver. Our cultural markers are woven into every project, decision, and task.

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We measure ourselves strictly by our performance. Effort and intent mean nothing to our clients and, therefore, mean nothing to us. There are no participation trophies here. There are just exceptional teammates operating at high gear, focused on the task at hand.

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Every challenge we face will be constrained in someway. Being resourceful means working with what is available and getting the absolute most out of it. Being a resourceful problem solver means achieving the greatest possible result with the available inputs.

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Pioneers have a vision of something better beyond the world they currently know. As a company, we live on the bleeding edge of what is possible and that can be challenging. It is not always profitable, but it is the only place to be if you want to be truly disruptive.