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Virtual Physical Security Table Top

The ability to run training simulations in a virtualized environment opens up new possibilities for building situational awareness and increasing the effectiveness of organizational security protocols.

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Training exercises can be performed in a site-specific virtualized environment. This prevents potential safety concerns and work disruptions that arise when trying to perform training on-site.

Build Situational Awareness

Virtual training allows the build up of training repititions in a safe, virtual environment. This means that situational awareness can be built because of the immersive nature of the virtual training.

Site Specific Scenarios

The virtual model can be modified to train very specific security scenarios. This means that personnel can be trained on how to respond to unique scenarios within an exact virtual replica of the site.

360 Panorama Example

Dense networks of 360 degree panoramic photography provide supplemental data that can be used to further train personnel how to respond to particular events.