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Case Study

Security Design Validation

Securing the nation’s critical infrastructure is a core competency at Solstrata. For Portland General Electric, we leverage our 3D models to assess the efficacy of legacy security systems and proposed systems in the design phase.

Coverage Example
Green Red Example

Camera and radar viewsheds are checked to ensure sufficient visibility and assess gaps in the hollistic system coverage.


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Device Coverage

A proposed layout for new cameras, radars, and other security devices can be checked for efficacy to ensure that the design will yield maximum visibility. With this method of design validation, stakeholders can be sure that they are getting the most value out of their new system.

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Catalogue Site Vulnerabilities

A vulnerability assessment can be performed and all identified vulnerabilities can be securely added to the model to give site stakeholders actionable information to make decisions to better secure their site. Field-acquired data can be embedded in the model for quick reference.

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Virtual Table Top

The final model is delivered to the customer to provide a virtual table top for exploratory security scenarios. The model can be explored in 2D, 3D, and virtual reality to understand exactly how certain physical security scenarios would play out.

Site Vulnerabilities Example

Site vulnerabilities can be identified and embedded in the model along with potential mitigation strategies.